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The history presented in the following pages is based on my self-published book "The Documented History of the Pfaffenbergers of South Central Indiana 1842 to 1900." I began the research for this book after receiving a call from a lady who migrated to the United States from Germany. She wanted to learn if I was related to a neighbor in Germany. I was unable to answer her because I had no knowledge of when my branch of the Pfaffenberger family came to America or what part of Germany they came from.

Shortly thereafter, I began using any spare time I had to research my Pfaffenberger line. I developed a treasure trove of information. However, such information is useless unless it is organized in meaningful fashion. I began organizing my findings in a narrative on each member of the family that migrated to America. Below are links to each chapter starting with Andrew Pfaffenberger, the patriarch who brought his family to America.

This work represents the most up-to-date information I have. However, genealogy work is never complete. I welcome any documented additions or corrections. I'll put an e-mail link on the front page of this website.
Andrew Pfaffenberger was born in Germany in 1798. In 1837, he brought his wife Catharine and six children to America. They settled temporarily in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before purchasing farm ground in 1842 in Washington Township, Jackson County, Indiana.
John G. Pfaffenberger relocated to America with his parents a age 16. Although he tried farming, he is best known as a wealthy Seymour, Indiana businessman.
Elizabeth Pfaffenberger was born in 1824 and in the 1840's married German Farmer, John Deal. She spent the rest of her life on the Deal farm in Jennings County, Indiana.
George W. Pfaffenberger came to America at age 10. In 1850 he married a widow nine years his senior with four children. He was a well-known farmer in Jackson County, Indiana.
John Andrew Pfaffenberger arrived in America when he was 8 years old. He purchased farm ground near Brownstown, Jackson County, Indiana. He was married with four children and one on the way when he died at age 38.
Adam Pfaffenberger was five years old when he and his family arrived in America. He purchased farmland in Scott County, Indiana. He and his wife Sarah had eleven children. Adam died at age 49, leaving his wife and ten children. Sarah died two years later leaving the oldest son and family members to raise the young family.
John Conrad Pfaffenberger arrived in America in his third year. He grew up on the family farm and then purchased farm ground a few miles south. He had six children through two marriages. He died at age 41 leaving his second wife Susan with six children under age ten.
Joseph Pfaffenberger was the first of Andrew and Catharine's children to be born in America. He was born in Pennsylvania, three months after the family landed in Phildelphia. Joseph enlisted in the Union army in 1862 and died on December 3 of that year.
Margaret Pfaffenberger was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1840. She married Fredrick Bush, a German-born farmer. In addition to farming, they operated a flour mill.
George and Catharine Pfaffenberger arrived in Baltimore, Maryland from Germany in 1853. They settled in Jackson County, Indiana and raised a femily of four. I have yet to discover how they were related to Andrew and his family.
The passenger ship Grafton brought Andrew Pfaffenberger and his family to the United States from Germany in 1837. Photos of the actual passenger lists are displayed on this page.

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